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Food & Dining in US Virgin Islands


There is no shortage of places to eat on St Thomas. While the major hotels have multiple restaurants that offer everything from burgers to bouillabaisse, most visitors like to venture out a time or two to sample some of the island's fare. Like the cultural stew that makes up St Thomas, restaurant menus reflect a cross section of cuisines. While many of the dishes might be found on menus at home, others carry a Caribbean influence. Plantains, a banana-like vegetable, often come with your dinner.

Aside from fine restaurants, you will find dozens of other more casual dining options scattered around the island. They range from cosy seaside bistros to roadside stands featuring West Indian dishes. The style and ambience of the dining and drinking scene varies widely, but by and large, expect things to be informal.

St Thomas is among the more expensive places to dine out, but not any more so than a big city like New York or London. If you are used to more modest prices, the dinner tab can come as a shock. Since nearly everything is imported, shipping adds to the cost.

Charlotte Amalie

The island's main town serves as its culinary heart. Dozens of bistros welcome cruise ship passengers for lunch. At night, hotel guests and locals fill the tables.

At the upper end of the credit card bill and opposite ends of town, Virgilio's and Hervé Restaurant & Wine Bar attract well-heeled customers for fine dining in lovely surroundings. Hervé Restaurant & Wine Bar, on Kongen's Gade, provides lovely views and a fusion of French, Italian and Caribbean cuisine. Virgilio's, a local hot spot for in-town government officials and professionals, leans toward Northern Italian.

Less pricey spots include the casual Café Amici in A.H. Riise Mall for burgers, salads and sandwiches or Lillian's Caribbean Grill to dine on West Indian fare like callalloo, a spicy okra stew, or local fish and fungi, made or cornmeal and okra.

For budget meals, try Texas Pit BBQ. This take-out stand has three locations in St Thomas. Gladys's Café, in the alleyway shopping area called Royal Dane Mall, dishes up a mixed bag of American and Caribbean food to an equally eclectic clientele.

Hillsides outside Charlotte Amalie

Banana Tree Grille at Bluebeard's Castle Hotel is a hike up from Charlotte Amalie, so take a taxi if you are not staying there. The restaurant dishes up delicious contemporary fare along with its sumptuous view.

Mafolie Restaurant at the Mafolie Hotel is a hot spot for steak and seafood as well as gorgeous views of the Charlotte Amalie Harbor.


Havensight is home to numerous restaurants, most catering to the cruise ship crowd that throngs the area every day. Delly Deck in Havensight Mall is an island standby. Serving standard fare like burgers and fried chicken, it can be one busy place. Across the street at Al Cohen Mall sits Pizza Amore, home to pizza by the slice and huge submarine sandwiches for take out or eating in. For a little nicer ambience, try the Havensight Café in Havensight Mall. The food runs to sandwiches and specialities like bagels and lox.

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